Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney

Who Your Lawyer Is Really Does Matter

It really isn’t about paid actors or professional athletes stumping for a law firm — IT’S ABOUT RESULTS

— it’s about which lawyers insurance companies respect — WHO THEY FEAR.

Hire a law firm on merit — not on the basis of flashy ad campaigns.

Hire a Milwaukee personal injury attorney experienced in the entire legal process — not one that just settles claims short. Hire experience — IT REALLY MATTERS.

Television, radio and billboards around town all carry boasts by personal injury law firms. They promise huge results without knowing the first thing about all that matters to you: how you can protect yourself and your family following a car accident, a truck accident, a slip and fall, or a dog bite incident.

You need to know what is really going to happen after you’ve been injured through the negligence of another. At Domnitz & Skemp, S.C., we pride ourselves on providing you with the information you need to keep from being re-injured by an insurance company seeking to take advantage of you in a time of confusion, stress and concern.

Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of

Use These Steps to Prevent Re-Injury by Insurance Companies

1. Contact law enforcement:

Too often, car accident victims are talked into leaving the scene of a collision without contacting the police. That’s a big mistake to make because everything about an accident scene is potentially important in determining who is at fault. Law enforcement will document important information regarding driver identification, the final resting place of the cars involved, physical evidence (skid marks, debris, and other markings on the road), traffic controls, sight lines and witness statements. Help us help you by making sure the police are called to the scene of your motor vehicle accident.

2. Get medical attention:

A favorite ploy of insurance companies trying to avoid paying full compensation is to point to a delay in seeking medical attention. The longer you wait to have your injuries documented by medical professionals, the greater the potential that you will not be treated fairly by an insurer. A visit to an emergency room (ER), a walk-in clinic, or your family doctor in order to have your injuries  documented could prove vital in the settlement or trial of your personal injury claim.

3. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer:

Protecting injured people from further loss is the first objective of any qualified personal injury lawyer. In the early days after a car accident or a truck accident, injured people can make unknowing errors that may have devastating effects on their claim down the road. An experienced personal injury lawyer, like those at our law firm, can help prevent those errors and ensure that the legal rights of injured people are fully protected.

4. Don’t give recorded statements:

Insurance companies often contact auto accident victims soon after an accident to take a recorded statement either in person or over the phone. You should know you are under no obligation to provide such a statement to anyone else’s insurance company, and if you are dealing with your own insurer, you have the right to have your lawyer present when such a statement is taken. Often, injuries take several days to fully show themselves, and early statements documenting an injury often come back to haunt an injured person. Stick to your rights; don’t talk to any insurance company without consulting with experienced Milwaukee car accident attorneys.

5. Don’t assume your insurer is on your side:

Insurance companies are all over television assuring the public they want to treat people who have suffered losses with the utmost caring and concern. That simply is not the case. Insurance companies — even your own — make their money by taking in the highest possible premiums and paying lowest possible amount in claims, even to their own insured. Insurance adjusters will tell you they are on your side and they want to fully compensate you for the damages you have suffered. THIS ISN’T TRUE. DON’T BELIEVE IT. The only way you will be treated fairly is to be well  represented in negotiations by your own experienced attorney.

Hire a Winning Team of Personal Injury Attorneys

At Domnitz & Skemp, S.C., we handle all types of injury cases: from car and motorcycle accidents to slip-and-fall cases and serious dog bites. Over our 60 years of combined experience, we have built a solid reputation among insurance companies, defense attorneys and judges. We are known as tough lawyers who fully represent our clients in the claims stage, at mediation and at trial. We have won numerous record-setting verdicts throughout Wisconsin while resolving many cases short of litigation.

We are here to help you prevent further loss and to obtain for you all that the law provides. Call our office at 414-289-0909 or contact us online to set up a complimentary consultation with a lawyer at our firm. But contact us today; delaying will only hurt you.

Domnitz & Skemp, S.C. help injured people in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Ozaukee, and Waukesha counties as well as throughout Wisconsin. If you need a Milwaukee car accident attorney, contact us today!

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