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Milwaukee Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Wisconsin car crash kills 1, injures 2

A four-vehicle crash in Milwaukee on Sept. 6 resulted in the death of one man and significant injuries to two others. According to police reports, the 12:30 a.m. crash was allegedly caused by a drunk driver.

The 22-year-old driver who reportedly caused the accident is facing multiple charges that include vehicular homicide while intoxicated, injury to another while intoxicated and driving with a revoked license. According to the arrest records, his blood alcohol concentration was registered at .12 percent.

Parents 'horrified' at light sentence for car accident driver

The mother of a teenage victim who died in a 2012 car crash says she is "horrified" by the plea deal that has been given to the at-fault driver. The man behind the wheel at the time of the fatal crash near Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, received a two-year deferred prosecution agreement and a fine of just about $400. He pleaded no contest to causing the car accident that killed a 17-year-old victim.

Official reports show that the victim died when his vehicle was struck by the defendant's Jeep. The at-fault driver was traveling more than 20 mph faster than the speed limit. It appears that the victim had stopped at a stop sign before pulling out to cross the highway. The defendant made an evasive maneuver, and his actual culpability in the crash was hotly debated for more than two years.

Responsibility of commercial vehicle drivers in Wisconsin

Commercial vehicle drivers in Wisconsin must follow the rules of the road, just the same as those who are driving a regular vehicle. This includes bus drivers, moving truck drivers and delivery van drivers among others.

In addition to the actual commercial truck drivers, their companies must also know the rules of the road while taking on the responsibility of operating and maintaining their vehicles in a responsible manner. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Can I sue a teenager for my drunk driving injuries?

The short answer is yes. Technically it is possible to sue a teenager because Wisconsin considers an individual of 18 years as an adult. That also includes minors who are under guardianship. Guardianship expires the moment a minor turns 18. However, individuals 18 years old are considered minors. A civil lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries would need to be directed toward their parents or guardians.

Wisconsin state law prohibits alcohol consumption by individuals under 21. This means that the person or organization who provided the alcohol to the teenager who caused your drunk driving injuries may also be liable. Here are some examples of violations of Wisconsin's underage drinking laws:

Bus accident kills 1, leaves 13 injured in Wisconsin wreck

A school bus accident near Pulaski, Wisconsin, has left one person dead and more than a dozen injured. The bus accident, which occurred at about 9 p.m. on Sept. 2, occurred when a northbound bus collided with a westbound passenger vehicle on Wisconsin 29. A passenger in the smaller vehicle died in the fatal crash.

Official reports show that the driver of the smaller vehicle also has life-threatening injuries. The decedent in this case was a 24-year-old woman, and the driver is a 27-year-old man. The names of the victims have not been released.

Dealing with the impact of a pedestrian accident

Wisconsin, just the same as every other state, has many roadways covering thousands upon thousands of miles. Along with this, there are people who walk many of these roads on a regular basis.

We talk about pedestrian accidents often in our blog because we want our readers to understand what is going on in and around their area. While one pedestrian accident is never the same as the next, nothing changes the fact that most people involved in such an incident are injured in some way.

What does Wisconsin do to reduce motorcycle accidents?

The undeniable thrill of taking a motorcycle or scooter out on the road draws thousands of new motorcyclists to this exhilarating mode of travel each year. However, operating a motorcycle is not as easy as it may appear. Learning to ride safely requires specific training that could make all the difference between having an enjoyable experience or living with a lifetime injury.

Currently, about 100 motorcyclists die each year and another 2,500 are injured on Wisconsin roads. That is why the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has several motorcycle training programs designed to teach new motorcyclists how to operate their bikes safely. The Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program offers several training classes taught by experienced professional instructors to help riders learn skills necessary to qualify for the Wisconsin Class M motorcycle license.

Involved in a bike accident? Our attorneys may be able to help

Filing a personal injury in a bike accident case can be a time-sensitive matter, which is why we recommend acting quickly to hold the responsible party accountable in civil court. No matter the nature of your injuries, you deserve financial compensation to pay for medical expenses and get you back on your feet -- and hopefully back on your bicycle.

Let's face it: Many drivers fail to pay attention to bicycle riders, even if they are following the law and using designated bike lanes. A motor vehicle accident involving a bicycle can lead to a variety of serious accidents, including traumatic brain injuries -- even for those wearing a helmet. Other physical ailments can include lacerations, fractures, spinal cord damage and road rash. More serious conditions resulting from bicycle accidents include potential amputation or paraplegia and paralysis.

Young boy dies in Wisconsin car accident

The streets of Wisconsin can be dangerous, with many vehicle and pedestrian accidents occurring on a regular basis. While many of these accidents are minor, some result in serious injury or death.

According to Dodge County authorities, a 9-year-old boy was killed in a three-vehicle accident on Aug. 15 in the town of Beaver Dam.

Useful tips for bus trip planners to avoid bus accidents

In the United States, there are over 4,000 motorcoach companies that are currently listed with the federal government as for-hire operators. This means that they are authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to convey passengers in exchange for a fee. As the cost of travel increases, many churches, social organizations and other groups of friends are turning to hiring a commercial bus as a less expensive way to get their groups to their destinations.

If you have been tasked with finding a motorcoach company on behalf of your organization, there are a few steps you can take to ensure the safety of your group.

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