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Milwaukee Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Blog

Proposal for new trails may lead to more bicycle accidents

Wisconsin has an announced new plans to increase the number of bicycle routes and paths throughout the state. Beginning in November, the Department of Transportation will be teaming up with the Department of Natural Resources and a bicycle advocacy group known as the Wisconsin Bike Fed to roll out a new comprehensive bicycle plan.

The group hopes to design and create a new series of bicycle routes and other cycling core doors between urban areas and the pre-existing bicycle paths. The overall concept is to increase the number of bike friendly routes throughout the state. A spokesperson for Wisconsin bike Fed says that the state already has the third largest number of off-road trails in the nation. He credits Wisconsin's dairy industry and the states early push towards building infrastructure as providing a good base of paved roadways which can serve as links to bicycle paths.

Driver who killed 2 in truck accident gets suspended sentence

A Wisconsin truck driver who caused a fatal accident in Indiana in January 2013 has received a prison sentence of eight years, along with a six-year probation term. Seven years of the man's prison term have been suspended, which means that he will only serve less than a year behind bars in connection with the crash; he gets credit for time served. The man will also be required to complete 200 hours of community service and will be subject to a 10-year license suspension. The man pleaded guilty to 12 charges in connection with the truck accident in May, according to official reports.

Authorities say that the at-fault driver killed two victims when he failed to slow for a traffic light. The man rammed into the rear end of five vehicles that had been waiting at a red light; the signal had just turned green when he plowed into the victims' cars. The traffic signal had been red for nearly a minute before the crash occurred.

Milwaukee woman files lawsuit related to car accident

A Milwaukee woman who was involved in a car accident with a deputy has decided to file a civil rights lawsuit.

The woman claims that a Milwaukee County Deputy ran a stop sign last year, subsequently striking her vehicle. As a result of the car accident, she suffered a fractured neck, with a passenger being injured as well.

Riders: Motorcycle accidents exacerbated by barriers

Reports from Wisconsin’s neighboring state of Illinois show that residents there are dissatisfied with the condition of state highways, which they blame for a number of motorcycle accidents. Drivers, including some from Wisconsin, say they are worried about the barrier system that has been installed along medians on Illinois’ highways. Although the systems are designed to prevent injuries in motorcycle accidents and other wrecks, advocates say that they are too dangerous and should be removed.

Additional concern came to light after a recent crash on Interstate 55 on July 6. A 48-year-old man and his 35-year-old female passenger both died while attempting to negotiate slowing traffic. The driver lost control of the motorcycle, sliding onto the left shoulder and into median wires alongside the road. Although the barrier system is effective when considering larger vehicles, motorcycle riders say they live in fear because of the guide wires. One rider even called the barrier system “a cheese grater for motorcyclists,” emphasizing the fact that the guide wires are located too close to the shoulder of the road.

Milwaukee man pleads guilty in fatal drunk driving crash

A Milwaukee man whose longtime girlfriend had a restraining order against him since 2012 somehow ended up in a bar with her last December and later left her behind in a car after he crashed it into another vehicle later the same night.

According to a Dec. 16, 2013 article in the “Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel” about a week after the crash, the 33-year-old woman was killed. It was also reported that, according to law enforcement, the man had never been issued a Wisconsin driver’s license.

Victim in police car accident files civil rights suit

A Wisconsin woman who was wrongfully accused of driving while intoxicated after she was injured in a car accident has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. The victim reportedly broke her neck in the car accident, which occurred in February 2013. She contends that a sheriff’s deputy smashed into her vehicle and then lied about the collision.

Reports show that the woman was injured when the deputy allegedly disobeyed a stop sign and crashed into her sedan. The woman’s vehicle spun violently, striking a tree in the median of the road. She needed surgery to fuse her spine together after breaking her neck in four places, and a passenger in that vehicle suffered a lacerated spleen.

3 injured in pedestrian accident near country music festival

A 23-year-old man and two others were struck by a pickup truck while walking to an outdoor concert in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The 23-year-old man from Wautoma, Wisconsin, was seriously injured in the crash. First responders evacuated the victim by air to Neenah hospital. He was later taken to another medical facility, where his condition is listed as critical. The other two victims suffered less severe injuries. Police say they were taken to the hospital and released shortly thereafter.

According to police, the accident happened around 10:00 p.m. on the evening of June 24. The trio of concertgoers were in the area near Ford Festival Field at the time of the incident. Oshkosh Police say the festivities for an event named Country USA were drawing to a close when the pickup truck collided with the pedestrians along South Washburn Avenue. It is not clear whether the victims were leaving the concert when they were struck.

Driver deemed incompetent, may walk in car accident case

A Wisconsin man who was determined to not be mentally responsible for a deadly crash may receive a sentence for treatment instead of prison. The defendant, age 28, had pleaded no-contest in connection with the death of a 22-year-old woman in a 2012 crash. He was charged with negligent operation of a vehicle for his role in that wreck. Mental health professionals have determined that the man's behavioral conditions may have contributed to the car accident.

Official reports show that the man was driving in an erratic fashion before plunging his vehicle into a ditch and then attempting to pass a semi-truck. During that attempted passing maneuver, the defendant's vehicle struck the victim's car head-on as she was driving in the opposite direction on Highway 23. Authorities say that the man told officers that he had been driving to flee demons who he thought were chasing him. Further, the man may have been high on marijuana at the time of the collision.

GM will not limit recall related car accident compensation

Many of our Milwaukee readers have been staying current with the latest from General Motors, specifically the many recalls that continue to plague the company.

According to the attorney overseeing compensation to the victims of car accidents related to faulty ignition switches, the company is not placing a limit on how much it will pay. The total could easily reach billions of dollars.

GM has tied 13 deaths to the faulty switches, including those in popular cars such as the Saturn Ion and Chevrolet Cobalt. There is the chance for hundreds of others to come forward and file personal injury and wrongful death claims against the company.

Motorcycle accidents more likely with summer weather

As the warm weather of summer arrives in full force, a larger number of Wisconsin residents are taking to the roads on their motorcycles. These riders may enjoy the summer weather, but they also face additional risk as they fire up their motorcycles for the season. The reason: Most motorcycle crashes occur when another driver makes a mistake on the road. Too many riders die every year because of motorists who fail to yield the right-of-way or commit other traffic violations because they simply are not paying attention.

Authorities say that there are a few simple ways that motorists can avoid causing fatal motorcycle accidents on Wisconsin roads. Motorcycles are smaller and they have a narrower profile, so all motorists can benefit from simply being more vigilant and observant while driving. Motorcycles also have different operating techniques than cars, which can make their actions difficult to interpret.

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