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April 2012 Archives

Milwaukee Teens Teach Peers About Texting Dangers

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teens in Wisconsin and throughout the country. Using a cellphone greatly increases teens' chances of being involved in an accident that causes death or serious personal injury.

City becomes first to initiate total cellphone ban on drivers

Cellphone use and texting while driving have been creeping into America's consciousness. Studies have shown that the devices lead to distracted driving, which in turn lead to more car accidents. Some states ban talking on handheld cellphones while driving, and an increasing number ban texting. But a city in another state recently became the first to ban cellphone use while driving altogether, and that includes hands-free devices.

Should government impose interlock devices on all vehicles?

When drivers in Wisconsin are convicted of drunk driving, the consequences can vary. In many states, drivers who are convicted of such a crime must use an ignition interlock device in their cars. This monitors their blood-alcohol content and prevents them from driving if they are legally drunk. The idea is to prevent further drunk driving car accidents.

Janesville Man Seriously Hurt in Motorcycle Collision with Deer

Earlier this month, a man was severely injured after his motorcycle collided with a deer in Rock County. According to law enforcement, the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the Wisconsin motorcycle accident. The man sustained severe head trauma and had to be transported by helicopter to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Wisconsin couple dies in motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to protection on the roads. While they may wear protective gear like helmets and jackets, it can't always bear the brunt of impact if there is a collision with a large vehicle.

Young drivers with ADHD more prone to accidents

A study conducted on teen motorists suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder showed that they had a two to four times greater risk of being involved in car accidents than other teen drivers. To put that statistic in some perspective, this means that teens with ADHD will have, on average, even more accidents than adult drunk drivers.

Prom night: dancing, corsages and... Breathalyzers

Some teenagers use high school functions, such as the prom, as an excuse to party. When alcohol is involved, it can be extremely dangerous if teens are also driving, and it can potentially lead to car accidents. A local high school is aiming to prevent that kind of situation before it even happens.

Wisconsin School Bus Driver Charged With Drugged Driving

Dozens of Wisconsin parents are expressing their outrage after a West Bend school bus driver was arrested for allegedly transporting students while under the influence of prescription narcotics.

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